Monday, April 5, 2010

It's My Birthday!!!!!

WARNING...I'm in a funny mood, so this is going to be a funny blog
(to me anyway)!
For those of you who watch How I Met Your Mother, you will get the title of this post!! On the last episode when Lily woke up she yelled, "it's my birthday!" So I have been yelling that the past 2 weeks...mostly just to see how much I can get on John's nerves! But really, my birthday was coming up! My 26th...other than my 16th was my best birthday EVER! I celebrated for almost 2 weeks straight!

It all started with a weekend in Vegas with a few of my AMAZING friends! My friend Abby and I went to the John Mayer concert...not sure if you've heard of him or not! Haha...I kid, I kid! If you're reading this then you definitely know who John Mayer is because I'm obsessed and want one of my babies to be his! (John is shaking his head as I'm reading this to him). As usual, he put on a FANTASTIC show! What made it even more fun was that I went with Abs. She loves him too, and had chills pretty much the whole show! I love when people get excited about things like I do. It makes LIFE so much more fun!! I have to say my favorite part of the concert was when he played Journey's Don't Stop Believin'. My in-laws love Journey and we love to tease them about John being conceived to this song! So when JM played it I laughed and recorded the whole thing! I'm sure our kids will tease us about being conceived to a John Mayer song someday! Karma, gotta love it!! My family/friends are getting annoyed with me talking about John Mayer. But I can't help it, he makes me so happy! A few days after I got back from Vegas I got an email announcing his Summer Tour. Guess who's coming to Salt Lake this Summer?! When I told my Grandma, she yelled at me. "Have you ever added up how much you spend to see this Mayer guy in concert?" I couldn't say anything. Everyone has something they spend their money on. My addiction happens to be concerts and I'm going see him every chance I get! What's the point of living if you aren't going to do what makes you happy?!

On Our Way....Yep, this is only for one night!!

A few of my favorite boys!!

Me and Abs!

The infamous "O" face...not sure how I feel about this!

Ooh La La!!
My Favorite picture I have taken of JM!!

The next weekend we went down to St. George to get away for my actual birthday and Easter. I got a wild hair and decided I wanted to go back to Vegas on Saturday night for my birthday dinner! So we drove an hour and a half to Vegas to go to Serendipity 3. The atmosphere was so much fun! It was hot pink and orange and everything I would have wanted for my birthday! The food was just okay, but the Frrozen Hot Chocolate was everything I wanted it to be!! John made my birthday very special this year. He even remembered that I told him I wanted Coconut Cupcakes from Mini's for my cake this year! If you haven't been to Mini's Cupcakes in Salt Lake, you're missing out. I highly recommend it!!

Can you imagine spending $1,000 dollars on dessert?!

Me on my 26th Birthday!!

The Famous Frrozen Hot Chocolate!!

Me and my yummy birthday dessert!!

Michelle bought me Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang for my far it is HILARIOUS!!!


Thank you to everyone who helped make my 26th a memory I won't ever forget!! I love you all more than you will ever know!


DiVina said...

Look how hot you look in your 26th birthday photo!!!

Anonymous said...

I love you! :)